Simple Sewing: A Zippered Wristlet



Earlier in the year I introduced wristlets to my collection.  Though I have been sewing handbags for over 15 years, I have never made a zippered pouch before.  Really.

So, off to Pinterest to find a tutorial.  After searching through many (MANY) pins, I found one linked to the Skip to My Lou blog.  It had some of the best pictures and clear instructions.   (Nicely done Cindy!)

After making one similar to the pouch in the tutorial as practice, I was ready to venture into a new shape.  So, I modified the pattern from one of my crossbody bags, stretching and shortening it, adding a wrist strap.   I really like the results and how these shapes look with my screen printed fabrics!

What new sewing projects are on your agenda?





4 comments on “Simple Sewing: A Zippered Wristlet”

  1. Chelsea

    These are so cute and I feel like I could actually make them. I need a reason to wipe the dust off of my sewing machine anyway lol Thanks for the inspiration!! Though if I fail, I’ll know who to turn to!


    • Julie Lange

      Of course! Give it a try though. Super fun project!

  2. Rachel Dalinka

    Great looking Wristlet! They do look very nice with your fabrics. It is great on its own or as a hold everything pouch in a larger bag.

  3. Julie Lange

    Thanks Rachel! Maybe a fall class project?


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