Gift Wrapping 101: Inspiration from Carolyne Roehm

20140520-091834-33514343.jpgWashi tape, craft paper and bakers twine…I am over it.  Well, I was never really into it in the first place.  I’d prefer to give and especially receive a gift wrapped up by Carolyne Roehm (model, fashion designer, home decorator, gardener and more).  Her book, Presentations, provides packaging inspiration for all occasions.  Satin ribbons, alligator embossed papers, feathers…ahhh, now that’s how to wrap a present.








She has many other publications.  The next book I hope to purchase is Flowers.  The photography is just gorgeous and it makes the perfect coffee table book. I should have snagged it when I saw it in Home Goods a while back.


How about you?  Ready to go beyond the brown paper bag?


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