Fabric and Fashion, A Day In NYC (Obviously!)

The chronicles of my 12 hour visit to New York City starts at the 7th Avenue Mega Bus Stop.  A quick 2 hour ride, $17.50 round trip.  Can’t beat that!


The Mega Bus drops you off footsteps away from the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) where you can visit their fashion museum FREE of charge (Free in NYC! Gasp!) The current exhibit chronicles lingerie.  Be prepared, no pix in the museum (lobby is ok) and only pencil and paper to sketch (no pens). Really!   A list of future exhibits can be found here.


Next stop, Herald Square, right outside of Macy’s for a lunch break.  It was hot so I was out of there in record time but I did see and hear the bells ring at noon.


Onward to M &J Trimming…not for the faint of heart.  You must be serious about your trim shopping!  Floor to ceiling (a very high ceiling) of buttons, cords, sequins, tassels…everything!  This is just a sample shot from the window.  There was too much to see inside to mess around with more photos…I have my priorities!


Project Runway Fan?  Your stop is next.  The famous Mood Fabrics is also not for the amateur shopper.    Be patient, ask for help to pull out the perfect bolt buried deep on the shelf.   The staff is excellent and can help you swim through the sea of fabric on its multi-level store.  Can’t carry your fabric with you while in NYC?  No problem!  They will create a swatch book for you and keep it on file.  Email or call your sales contact afterwards and they will ship it to your door!


You may even run into Swatch…thank you Mood!


Fuel!  I need fuel!  Mexicue’s chips and guac hit the spot.


Coated in threads and various fibers, I am done with fabric scouting for the day.  It’s time to visit The Family Jewels, a vintage store on W 23rd.  Sadly, I didn’t find anything this visit to buy but worth the trip anyway!  (It was also air-conditioned!)


Ok, wait, is that another fabric store I see?  Well, I must go in The City Quilter.   It’s harmless quilting fabrics with a cool gallery of art quilts in the back, the only art quilt gallery in the city in fact.


A slice of pizza in Cavallo’s and 30 minutes of a World Cup game later, I make the trek towards the Javitt’s Center to catch my bus home.  Not a bad view from the top deck of the bus exiting the Lincoln Tunnel.

For more NYC trip ideas, see my previous trip details here.








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