Striking colors, bold graphics, fashion – these are just a few of the things I am passionate about and creating original textiles is the perfect way for them to come to life.  

Each project starts differently. Typically, I create an inspiration board from magazine clippings, or my personal photos. I save a lot of images that I like even when I don’t know what I am going to do with them – people, places, color combos, etc. Then, I choose the best method to create the image for my fabric designs, often starting with sketches.

The screen printing process provides endless options to execute my vision. I enjoy this flexibility and the challenge that comes from balancing analytical and planning steps with the creativity needed to visualize the end result.

My current collection of handbags and accessories embodies my personal style mantra that was influenced by my grandmother’s “I wear it because I like it” attitude. I love to collect clothing, hats and jewelry that have been passed on from my family members and incorporate them with items that I’ve bought over the years.   My business mission is to create accessories for women that have a curated wardrobe like mine.   I want them to feel like they are adding a piece to their collection too!