Beetles, Part 2

You may recall my last post about getting inspired by beetles to create a block print.  Well, this time, same inspiration, different technique, screen printing.

I started with a close up shot of these guys and started to look at the patterns.  I really liked the pattern in the darkest black areas the best.



Then, I blew up the picture and traced some of the blackest areas to see what the pattern looks like separated from the rest.  (If you’re familiar with the printing term “key image”, that’s what I used.)  Looked great!


Next,I scanned the image in my computer and uploaded it to my Silhouette Cameo machine.  For details on how upload your own image and use the trace and cut feature on the Cameo, check out the Expressions Vinyl blog.   The picture below is the image cut on sticky backed vinyl.




I used a photo emulsion technique similar to the one described here to create my screen.  And, then I was off to print on my fabric.




The last step was to create something with the fabric.  So, I made a new pillow for my couch!




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