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A Fashion Excursion in NYC

Empire State Building?  Statue of Liberty?  Central Park?


These attractions were not stops on my trip to New York City last week.  I spent my time in the Fashion District looking for new materials and some fashion inspiration.

the “big button”

The first stop…Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT).   The Museum at FIT is NYC’s “most fashionable museum” and is dedicated to collecting, conserving…and best of all…exhibiting to the public garments and accessories from their permanent collection as well as curated from the best fashion houses, individual collectors and loans from other museums.

The fact that the exhibits at this museum are free is a pro.  (What else is free in NYC???)  The fact that there is a no photography allowed is a con…big con!  Check out the site for more pix and special exhibit slideshows.   Pictures or not…this is a must see in person type of exhibit anyway.  Just go!

Fashion, A-Z showcases the museums extensive collection of garments and accessories.  The exhibition is divided into 2 parts featuring about 50 looks in each.   The fashionable alphabet…Armani, Balenciaga, Chanel to Yeolee and Zoran were included in Part 1 on display through May 8.  Part 2 will run from May 23 to November 10, 2012.

“Fashion, A-Z” at The Museum at FIT, Rick Owens

“Fashion, A-Z” at The Museun at FIT, Boudicca

Impact: 50 Years of the Council of Fashion Designers of America is even more breathtaking than A-Z!  Walking in to the large, at least 2 story tall room that displayed works from America’s best from the past through present – Michael Kors, Oscar De La Renta, Isabel Toledo and Geofrey Beene – is a celebration of the impact American designers have on how people dress.  Hurry!  This one ends on April 17, 2012.

“Impact” at The Museum at FIT, Oscar de la Renta

“Impact” at The Museum at FIT, Norma Kamali

Next stop….M&J Trimming…site-seeing at it’s best.  I have no words!

Cool jewels!

Need a button?

Trim! Yes, they have it.

My treasures from M&J!

Mood…ok, not bragging, but I have been going to Mood long before Project Runway contestants started going there to have their mini-meltdowns!  It is seriously the best fabric store in the city….3 floors of floor-to-ceiling garment and home interior fabrics and trim.  The staff is always super helpful and somehow know the exact location of every sample displayed on the wall.

Here’s a sampling of my purchases….

And, my brush with fame…very sweet Swatch…could care less that he is in the middle of a fabric store…just chilling.

Swatch…super cute!

That concludes my tour…thank you for traveling with My Style Workshop!

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